Stairway: The first floor is reached by way of a stairway located at the farther end of the living room. The landing (5 sq. m) is large enough to accomodate book cases as well as a chair and small table for reading.

Hallway: A long hallway (9,26m X 1,53 m) runs along the outside wall of the 1st floor. It has large windows which look out on a charentaise arched entrance, typical of Southwest France, a lovely home and down into the sunny courtyard. All the windows are fitted with both drapes and blinds.

Bedroom 1: There are two bedrooms leading from the hallway. One (16 sq. m) is fitted with beautiful, floor to ceiling cabinets which have been built along three walls, forming an alcove for the bed. There is also a built-in table with mirror above.

Bedroom 2: At the end of the hallway is another bedroom (12 sq. m) with a large window. This room is fitted with made-to-order drapes and blinds.

Bathroom: Between the two bedrooms is a bathroom (10 sq. m) with bathtub, shower, washbasin with storage and large mirror and WC.  It has an electric dryer rack for towels.This bath was installed in 2009 and is beautifully and completely finished in italian tile.

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