Courtyard: The courtyard (50 sq. m) was completely resurfaced in 2011 in paving stones from local limestone quarries typical of Southwest France. Remnants of the old septic tank were removed, all is now on the city mains, and stainless steel lighting was installed. Conduits for both water and further electricity were connected. There is a well in the courtyard which can be fitted with a pump for an alternative or even an automatic watering system should the buyer wish to create a courtyard garden.

Garage: The grange (35 sq. m) adjoining the kitchen was renovated in 2010 to provide for parking. An opening was made on the street-side of the building and a garage door with automatic door opener, with remote controls, was installed. A mezzanine, with wooden stairway, was also installed and serves as a storage area but could be used to create more space in the upstairs. The room also houses the oil furnace–for which the pump was replaced in 2014–and the oil storage tank (2 000 liters). In addition to parking, there is ample room to store tools. The present owners have used a small part of it as a summer kitchen.

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